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Love & Attention Dog Grooming Service 


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  • How often should I bring my dog in for a professional groom?
         It depends on the type of coat your dog has. We recommend every 4-6 weeks for dogs with high-maintenance coat, 
         such as Shih Tzus, Poodles, Schnauzers, etc. Dogs with shorter coat we suggest 6-8 weeks.
  • How long will it take for my dog to be groomed?
         We give great care and attention to each and every dog that we groomed. As such, for each dog, it usually takes
         about 2 - 5 hours depending on the size, coat type, and current condition of the dog’s coat. Our staff will contact you
         if there is any condition(s) that required longer time (i.e. wiggling, uncooperative, etc.) then the estimated time.
  • What’s the policy for “Drop Off” and “Pick Up”?
         Drop Off: Please have your dog eat less breakfast, or skip a meal and take
    care of his/her business prior to drop your pet off with us. This will help the groomer going over the time reserved for
         your pet. If the groomer has to cleanup your pet, sanitize the station, crate and bath tub, then it will take extra time.
         As our Groomer time is very valuable and costly. 
    Pick Up:  Must pick up your pet within the hour after we called (Example - If we called at 1:00 PM, then you can pick up
         as late as 2;00 PM). Additional fee will be added for daycare after the hour as our groomer hourly fee is applied. ​
  • What breeds do you service for clip and groom?
         We are equipped to handle all types of dogs – big, medium, small, short and long-haired dogs. To assure that we can
         help to give your furry pet the best grooming experience, please contact us for a free consultation. 

  • Which breed(s) do you not accept?
         We handle all type of breeds; however, our dog groomers’ safety is our highest priority. As such, it’s our groomers’ |
        decision to decide if he/she wishes to proceed with an appointment. This is a rare occurrence and some of the reasons
        maybe due to aggression, biting, beyond normal anxiety or unrealistic customer expectations. Please contact us for a
        free consultation to assure our groomer can handle your dog.
  •  Will the price be reduced if I bathe my dog at home before bringing him/her in?
          No, as we still need to bathe and blow dry your dog’s coat, especially with curly-coat dogs, so we can get the hair as
          straight as possible to give your dog the best cut.
  • My dog doesn’t like to be bathed, how do you handle this?
         We take pride in our work, and we treat all our pet customers with love and attention. All our groomers have over 20+
         years of experience in dog behaviors, and they are extremely patience. Many of our customers’ dogs hesitant at first
         but with a little love and attention, they have all becoming our regular customers for years.
  • Can I stay with my dog
         We occasionally (rare cases) let the owner stay, but usually we don’t prefer. Your dogs are like kids, often your dog
         acts better when mom/dad isn’t around.

  • What should I do if my dog has matted hair?
         We recommend you get your dog to the groomer as soon as possible before it gets worse. We usually try to de-mat its
         coat, thus if it is too matted then we need to shave its coat so your pet would not suffer too much pain.
  • What can I do if my dog doesn’t like to be brushed?
         Try to give your pet treats while brushing and do it daily that might help him/her get used to brushing. Thus, we would
         recommend that you have it groomed to keep its coat at a shorter length.
  • How often should I brush my dog?
         It depends on the coat length and type of your dog. If your dog’s coat is a bit long we suggest to brush your pet at
         least every 2 days. If your dog has a full coat, then you should brush it daily.
  • When is the best time to start grooming my puppy?
         The best time to give your puppy a groom is as soon as it has had all its initial injections! Also when it is able to play
         with other dogs. We suggest to have your puppy groom at an early age to condition your dog so he/she will enjoy the
         experience of being pampered and groomed.
  • What should I do to help my puppy be ready for a professional grooming?
         From the very first day that you bring home your puppy, play with its paws, ears and tummy so it can get used to being
         touched.  Also, gently apply a little pressure to its paws to allow the nails to extend, and then gently touch the nails
        again for it to familiarize the process.
  • How often should my dog’s nails be trimmed?
    ​     To have a right length, we recommend to have it trimmed every 4-6 weeks. If your dog(s) have long nails, we suggest       
    to come in once a week for 3-4 weeks to have his/her nails trimmed to a perfect length.
  • What is “quicking” the nail?
         It is the vein or “quick” that grows out with the nails. Therefore, the nails can only be trimmed a little bit at a time until it
         is at a perfect length. Otherwise, its quick will be cut along with the nails and your hurt your pet. For this reason, we
         recommend to bring in your dog(s) once a week for a few weeks to get the nails trimmed to an adequate length.

  • Do you do anal gland expressing?
          Yes, by request only. 
  • Should I bathe my dog at home?
    ​     You can, but we would suggest you use a good quality shampoo, comb that is right for your dog skin and coat type. 
  • Do you charge a cancellation fee?
         Our Groomers have set appointment time for your pet, so if you need to change your appointment, please give us a
         call at least one(1) day in advance. As any last minute changes will impact our Groomers schedule and our business
         operations. If the impact affects our Groomer’s financial loss, then we would have to add a small cancellation fee.
  • How long will it take to get an appointment?
         we always try our best to get you the time you need, but we are booked
         every day. Therefore, we highly recommended to call us at least one (1) week in advance so you can have more
         choices of date and time.
  • Do you take walk-in?
         Yes, If you need same day service we can only accommodate if we have
         opening. As we are often fully booked and have to give priority to our scheduled customers.
  • What vaccinations are required?
         We required that all dogs are rabies vaccinated (it’s the law), DHLPP, and Bordetella (kennel cough).​
  • My white dog has stains below the eyes, can you remove this?
         Many white dogs have dark stains under their eyes as it is normal for all dogs to have eyes that tear regularly. We see
         the results of teary eyes on white dogs more clearly. We can gently remove these stains with our shampoo and trim.